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Hexagonal Rotary Polishing Machine

811304005 Hexagonal Rotary Polishing Machine N100L

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+86 13828962211

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811304005 Hexagonal Rotary Polishing Machine N100L

Zhuode Hexagonal Rotary Polishing Machine adopts horizontal rotary barrel. And rotary barrel is driver by belt. The work-pieces are grinding by the polishing material and roller to achieve the purpose of shining.


Zhuode Hexagonal Rotary Polishing Machine using the principle of centrifugal grinding. Higher efficiency. It have big capacity. Low noise. Easy to operate


Suitable for all the semi-gem stone, hard ware to polish. Especially for the grinding and polishing of irregular shape stone.


Power Supply:380V

Motor Power:1.1KW


Barrel Dimension:L70×50CornerCM


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